Champions of Erth

Carrying the Wizard's Parcel

Sanguis 29, 4019

The party heads to the mercenary guild, listening for town criers.

The party runs into Ardain Winstoke, an elf from the village of Healers’ Grove.

He offers the party a job from a spell caster in Vindocladia to carry a closed box to Twin Docks.

The party resupplies, purchasing two Mythral shirts, cloak and boots of Elven kind and boots of Elven kind.

Sanguis 30, 4019

Party heads towards Twin Docks in the morning.

They travel along the King’s Road, passing travellers, merchants and a patrol. While travelling they talk with Ardain about his adventures since leaving Healers’ Grove.

Sanguis 31, 4019

The party travels a second day along the King’s Road, again passing travellers, merchants and a patrol.

Solstitialis 1, 4019

The party heads east along the Twin Docks’ Road. They see a structure 100 yards to the north of the road. On the structure stand 4 men on horseback, each facing outward at each compass point. The party continues on toward Twin Docks.

Arrive at Twin Docks at the end of the day and gain entry into the city.

Solstitialis 2, 4019

Go into the weapons store to deliver the box. The owner goes to get the funds, but does not return. The party waits 15 minutes.

They send one of his sons down to find out where he is. The son comes back in a panic, saying that he can’t find his father and there is blood down in the basement.

The party goes down into the basement to investigate, bringing the son with them.

Son tells the party that the money chest is missing from the basement.

The party sees that a wall in the basement has been broken in from the other side, and there is a light trail leading into the hole in the wall.

The party steps through the wall and discovers a tunnel carved into the ground. Following the tunnel, the round a bend and enter a larger chamber with a hole in the ground. A ladder descends into the hole.

The party descends the ladder, which ends in an alley of the previous city.

As they walk along the alley following the blood trail, they hear a ghostly scream. This unnerves a few of the party members.

The party continues to follow the trail, which is heading east. The party begins to move quicker in the hopes of catching up with whoever took the weapon smith.

After 30 minutes of walking, the party has still not caught up with the group they are following.

After 1 hour, the party happens upon an old cemetery. After some hesitation, they cross the cemetery which takes about 10 minutes. Nothing out of the ordinary, except the occasional ghostly scream happens during the crossing.

Around lunch time Dunren hears some Orcs talking up ahead. The party begins to slowly sneak up toward the Orcs.



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