Champions of Erth

Gebros the Black

Solstitialis 3, 4019

In the morning the party goes to visit the weasponsmith to find out what he knows about Gebros.

He tells the party that Gebros consumed a demon and shares other information with them about Gebros.

The party heads to the mercenary guild to find out about Orc incursions.

Talks with the mercenary officer who posted the message about how to get into the underground.

They check out a job posting for the haunted forest patrol to the south.

The party returns to Vindocladia with Ardain.

Solstitialis 5, 4019

Party arrives at East Guard.

Eonsven goes up to the underworld dome, then after investigating the portal, enters it. Once in the underworld, he looks around inside the portal room. Finding an exit out of the room, begins check it out.

Dunren comes up to investigate the area around the dome and the nearest statue. Tires to poke the statue, which moves away from his poking attempt.

Eonsven re-enters the portal and returns to the surface. Talks the rest of the party into entering the underworld.

Party starts into the hall that leads away from the portal room. After 90 feet, the hall turns right. After another 60 feet, the hall opens into a much larger area.

Eonsven and Dunrin head around the corner to investigate the larger area.

Alyrion and Toronto move up to the corner.

Dunrin spider climbs to the ceiling and then heads toward the opening.

Alyrian sneaks down the hall toward the opening.

Eonsven walks down the hall.

Toronto stays at the corner.

Dunrin moves down the hall toward the opening, he, Alyrian and Eonsven begin to move down the hall. They see a group of 4 Kobolds cross the opening up ahead.

Dunrin heads back down the hall. Alyrian follows 30 feet behind.

Dunrin uses his clairvoyance and views the enterance chamber to the underworld and sees a large number of humanoid camps.

The party decides to leave the area.

Arrives at East Guard. Gets a room at the inn. Listens to the bard singing at the inn.

They are woken up by a sergeant and told to move out! As they regain their faculties, they realize that they are no longer in the inn.

As they march toward the south, they see that they are in a large army and can see the Titans approaching from further south. Somehow they have been transported back in time or are dreaming about the Battle of the Titans.

Join the battle! Alyrian shoots at an Orc charging to attack.

Toronto casts lightning storm which destroys the Orcs attacking the party.

Toronto casts wall of fire to stop a group of Hobgoblins which are moving to attack the party. Holds off the Hobgoblins, when 4 rounds later, 2 ghosts come through the fire.

The party manages to defeat the ghosts after some fighting.

Party wakes up after the “Dream” and realizes they have the items that they possessed during the “Dream”.

Chip, Jeff, Aram and Tony get 3 fate points.



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