Champions of Erth

Here There Be Orcs

Solstitialis 2, 4019

The party noticed that the Orcs stop talking as they close on the Orcs’ camp, it seems obvious to the party that the Orcs have noticed their approach.

The party scatters as the Orcs proceed to shoot arrows at them. Dunren and Aylarion head into buildings with second story windows facing the street. Peep and Ardain charge the Orcs, while Ardain throws a glowing stone into the Orcs camp. Toronto casts a spell while moving to cover of a nearby building.

Eonsven, who had been following the party since they entered the store, sees the start of the combat with the Orcs and charges up from the back to join Peep and Ardain.

After a brutal fight, one of the Orcs flees. The party frees the weaponsmith and welcomes the newest member, Eonsven to the party. They take three of the Orcs prisoner and take them and the weaponsmith back to his shop.

The weaponsmith pays them for the delivery after learning more about the item they delivered to the weaponsmith.

The party makes a deal with the weaponsmith to buy the Orcs equipment. The party interrogates the Orcs and then turns them over to the city guard.

The party purchases equipment from the weaponsmith then discusses what their next action will be.



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