Champions of Erth

On the road to Bahr El Ghazal

Aram, Chip, Jeff and Tony – 3 fate points

Solstitialis 19, 4019

One of the caravan guards buys the light hammer and Dunren give the blow gun to him as well.

Travel for half the day, stop for lunch.

Toronto spots some shapes in the woods. Aylerian also spots the shapes.

Eonsven heads toward them.

An orc shoots an arrow at Eonsven and misses. Three guards get hit one drops, injury to the chest.

Party and guards defeat the orcs, Eonsven captures one.

Two orcs run, Toronto casts entangle, capturing those orcs. They are shot to death.

Eonsven questions the orc he caught, doesn’t get much information from him. Kills the orc.

Dunren discovers the trail fo the orcs. After an hour, and forty-five minutes, Dunren smells smoke. The party sneaks up to the orc camp, looks and listens.

Search the camp and find wages.

Search the bodies. Eonsven cuts the heads off the bodies.

Camp for the evening.

Solistitialis 20, 4019

At around 10 in the morning, the party notices a group of shapes toward the horizon. Alyrian notices they are goblin raiders.

Guard tells the part to get in the wagons to make a run for the village.

When the party gets near the village, some of the orcs ride out and drive off the raiders.

Party gives the orc chief the double headed axe.

Caravan trades with the village and stays over night.

Solstitialis 21, 4019

Arrive at Bahr El Ghazal in the evening.

Dunren barters with a merchant to sell the water clock to reduce the price of a bag of holding.



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