Champions of Erth

Return to the Watch Tower

Sanguis 16, 4019

In the evening, the page who originally escorted the party in the keep, escorts them to the keep and into a conference room. They are informed about the information the guard has gotten from the Equilus prisoner.

The party is tasked with closing the portal that the Equilus are using to enter the watch tower and find out what has happened to the rest of the Juntu Barbarians. Dunren Highfern a scout/spy stationed at the keep is assigned to go with them along with a squad of soldiers and a wizard.

They re-outfit themselves from the keep’s stores.

Sanguis 17, 4019

The party heads toward the watch tower. They arrive at the tower with no encounters.

Dunren and Aylurian sneak up to the tower and check it for traps.

The rest of the troop comes up to the tower.

Dunren and Aylurian check the rest of the above ground levels of the tower and find it unoccupied. To the north from the battlements of the tower, they spot two columns of smoke in the distance.

Toronto casts stone shape to open the sealed stairwell, then casts lantern so that there is a light source for the troop.

Traveling down into the lower level of the watch tower, the party finds a barracks which has been partially restored and occupied, a store room with some recently stocked supplies and a guard room.

2 elves are sent north and west from the guard room each and 2 humans are sent to the south.

The troop heads to the west after listening down the north and not hearing anything, leaving 2 humans in the guard room.

Arrive at a t intersection, where the wall on the t side has been broken into from the other side. A recently carved tunnel heads away from the wall.

Follow tunnel to a large cavern and find an entrance to the north and one to the southwest. Check for where the most activity has taken place and find it is to the north entrance.

Troop heads up the north tunnel. 30 paces down the tunnel, everyone hears a deep humming sound. 20 more paces down the tunnel the tunnel splits and heads either east or north.

Troop hears the sound coming from the east tunnel so they head down it. Enter another large cavern where they find a stone block floor covering part of the cavern and in the center of that floor is the portal gate.

Toronto and the wizard check out the gate and figure out that removing the two power stones will deactivate the gate on this side.

The party then decides to communicate the information about the gate back to the keep and let them decide the best way to disassemble the gate.

The troop explores the rest of the lower level of the watch tower, finding the officers’ quarters, another normal barracks, the privy, the kitchen and the mess hall. While searching the officers’ quarters, the party finds loot from the Equilus priest, wizard and warrior captain.

They camp for the night in the tower.

Sanguis 18, 4019

In the morning, they check for smoke from the top of the tower.

Return to the keep by nightfall.

Sanguis 19, 4019

They are once again taken before the captain of the guard where they report their findings.

The captain tasks the party with searching for the Juntu Barbarians.

The party sees that some new merchants have come over the mountains and are in the village, so they question them to any odd occurrence. The merchants tell the party that where the party saw the smoke, the merchants know of no settlements in that area.



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