Champions of Erth

Seeking Guidance

Party prays to Dagmar for guidance. They get the feeling that their prayers have been heard but get no obvious response.

Start out with a caravan to Bahr El Ghazal.

Caravan consists of 6 wagons, with 1 food wagon and 14 guards, 4 of which have horses.

Solistitialis 14, 4019

Arrive near the edge of the mountains, set up camp.

A group of mummers arrive in the camp. 3 wagons, 4 adult men, 2 young men, 5 adult women, 3 young women and 4 children.

Mummers matriarch is Buga Peric.

She speaks with Aylurian and invites him to read his fortune.

Alyurian’s question was “Why did you send us into the past?”

Buga tells Aylurian that he is destined to help unite Galideeria and Calvinnia against Gebros.

Alyurian spends time with Mummers.

Comes back to the caravan. Informs the party of what he discovered.

Solstitialis 15, 4019

Arrives in East Guard, listen for rumors.

Solstitialis 17, 4019

Arrives in Twin Docks, listen for rumors.

Solstitialis 18, 4019

As party travels through the ruins of Twin Docks east city, the party is attacked by giant centipedes.

Party is attacked in the ruins by 18 centipedes. Party defeats the centipedes without any casualties.

Travel the rest of the day and camp. Find out what everything is from the centipede nest.

Jeff, Tony, Aram & Chip – 3 Fate points



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