Champions of Erth

The Task

Sanguis 13, 4019

Amwynn Veres gives, Aylurian, Peep and Toronto a letter to take to Taela Aartest, the captain of the guard at Midguard in the morning.

Toronto casts Wind Walk and the party travels to Midguard. The party arrives at Midguard around noon.

The party asks a soldier at the keep gate, where the captain of the guard is at, they are directed inside the walls of the keep.

The party then asks another soldier inside the walls where the captain is and are directed into the keep proper.

The party asks a page inside the keep to take them to the captain’s office.

They are greeted by Taela and they give her the letter to read. After reading the letter, she informs them that their mentor has given them a task to explore a nearby watch tower that could be the seen of an incursion of Equilus Elves.

Taela escorts the party outside to Dunyel Samman, and tells him to lead the party to the watch tower and assist them in any way he can.

The party asks if anyone from the keep had served at the watch tower in the past and are told that the Watch Tower is from an ancient civilization and is no longer used.

The party asks if anyone from the keep has fought the Equilus in the past and are told that Dunyel has battle them.

The party goes into the village near Midguard and gets 3 rooms at the inn. They drink and eat till Dunyel get’s off his shift at the keep.

Have a conversation with Dunyel about what he knows about the Equilus .

They have an uneventful night in the inn.

Sanguis 14, 4019

The next morning, meet with Dunyel, get supplies from the keep, including 1 cure moderate potion per party member, 1 spy glass, climbing gear, 1 week’s rations, a first aid kit, a 10’ pole, steel mirror, manacles and 150 ft of rope.

The party then heads to Thistledale Peak, the site of the watch tower. A half mile from the tower, the party leaves their horses and proceeds on foot. Aylurian moves ahead of the party with great stealth.

Aylurian moves closer toward the watch tower. Sees that the doors to the tower stand open and can see a number of bodies on the approach path to the tower.

Aylurian informs the party of what he sees.

The party moves up to join him.

There are 6 Equilus bodies and 6 human warrior bodies.

Toronto detects magic, finds that a female Equilus has a magic focus. Peep takes the focus.

Toronto checks the bodies and sees that they have been stripped of anything useful.

Aylurian spots a female Equilus inside the watch tower propped up against the wall.

Peep readies his bow while watching the stairs that descend into the floor of the keep.

Toronto readies a Hold Person spell.

Aylurian sneaks up the Equilus and knocks her unconscious self out again.

The party captures the Equilus female, bind her and return to Midguard to turn her over.


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