Champions of Erth

In Bahr El Ghazal

Stay at a bed and breakfast for the night.

Solstitialis 22, 4019

Offered a job for 4000 wages for 20 days work on guarding a dig site.

Group buys rations for 30 days per person.

Buys the appropriate clothing.

Taris Birakir comes to the group and offers them a job. He has an apprentice Salah that is missing and wants the group to find him.

Menma Hetdet-Tahkhem will meet the group at the Royal Crocodile in a private room.

The party accepts the job for the guard the dig site.

Toronto & Alyrian go to Salah’s house.

Eosven & Dunren check out the Golden Egret, a tavern that Salah frequented.

Toronto & Alyrian search for a piece of hair and Alyrian uses it to scry on Salah. Toronto finds Salah and sees where he is at. Toronto message Salah and finds out who kidnapped him.

Toronto and Alyrian head to the Golden Egret.

Eosven and Dunren asks the bartender to talk to the owner. Owner doesn’t want to talk with them. Bartender talks to them and they find out about Salah.

Party gets information on the strength of the merchant who has taken the apprentice.

Party heads to the merchant’s shop and talk to him about the kidnapping. They let him know where his apprentice is for 2000 wages.

Solstitialist 23, 4019

Travel to the dig site. At camp that night, Dunren takes first watch, Eosven takes second and Alyrian takes third.

During Dunren’s watch a commotion starts on the other side of the camp. After 5 minutes screams come from the other side of the camp.

Alyrian wakes at the sound of the screams. Some one shouts bring fire. Dunren wakes Eosven, Alyrian wakes Toronto.

One of the guards has been attacked by a army ants and has sustained heavy damage.

Dunren finds a barrel of oil and spreads it and then lights the oil.

Toronto casts Flaming Sphere to kill the ants.

Solstitialis 24, 4019

Travel the next day with no incidents.

Solstitialis 25, 4019

Eosven and Alyrian use the spell Keep Watch cast on Eosven to keep watch for the night.

Eosven sees a group of figures approaching the camp and wakes the rest of the party and the guards.

Alyrian shoots 3 skeletons for little damage and Dunren shoots 1 and does no damage.

Toronto casts daylight.

Alyrian takes out 2 skeletons.

Toronto destroys the leg of 1.

Alyrian shoots 3 and damages 1.

Eosven closes with 1, shield bashes it and knocks it down.

Dunren hacks at the one that Toronto attacked.

Toronto hacks the skeleton in the abdomen.

Skeleton hits Eosven damages his shield.

Alyrian shoots 3 arrows at the 3 skeletons on Eosven, 1 hit in the left arm, 1 hit in the head drops.

Eosven hits 1 skeleton and it shatters.

Dunren hits the 1 on the ground and destroys its head.

Toronto moves back in a defensive position.

2 skeletons attack Eosven and he manages to parry both attacks.

Alyrian shoots at the two on Eosven and 1 on Dunren. Does no damage.

Toronto tries to hit the one on Dunren and hits it in the head.

Eosven knocks down the skeletons.

The two skeletons misses Eosven.

Toronto misses the skeleton.

Eosven knocks downt the skeleton.

Alyrian shoots the same skeleton and does no damage.

Dunren hits the skeleton on the ground in the head.

Skeleton hits Eosven but he parries.

Toronto hits the last skeleton.

Alyrian shoots the last skeleton and knocks it down.

Alyrian and Dunren follow the tracks. After following the tracks from the skeleton for an hour, they return to the camp.

Solistitialis 26, 4019

Arrive at the dig site location.

Set up camp.

Aram, Chip, Jeff and Tony – 3 fate points

On the road to Bahr El Ghazal

Aram, Chip, Jeff and Tony – 3 fate points

Solstitialis 19, 4019

One of the caravan guards buys the light hammer and Dunren give the blow gun to him as well.

Travel for half the day, stop for lunch.

Toronto spots some shapes in the woods. Aylerian also spots the shapes.

Eonsven heads toward them.

An orc shoots an arrow at Eonsven and misses. Three guards get hit one drops, injury to the chest.

Party and guards defeat the orcs, Eonsven captures one.

Two orcs run, Toronto casts entangle, capturing those orcs. They are shot to death.

Eonsven questions the orc he caught, doesn’t get much information from him. Kills the orc.

Dunren discovers the trail fo the orcs. After an hour, and forty-five minutes, Dunren smells smoke. The party sneaks up to the orc camp, looks and listens.

Search the camp and find wages.

Search the bodies. Eonsven cuts the heads off the bodies.

Camp for the evening.

Solistitialis 20, 4019

At around 10 in the morning, the party notices a group of shapes toward the horizon. Alyrian notices they are goblin raiders.

Guard tells the part to get in the wagons to make a run for the village.

When the party gets near the village, some of the orcs ride out and drive off the raiders.

Party gives the orc chief the double headed axe.

Caravan trades with the village and stays over night.

Solstitialis 21, 4019

Arrive at Bahr El Ghazal in the evening.

Dunren barters with a merchant to sell the water clock to reduce the price of a bag of holding.

Seeking Guidance

Party prays to Dagmar for guidance. They get the feeling that their prayers have been heard but get no obvious response.

Start out with a caravan to Bahr El Ghazal.

Caravan consists of 6 wagons, with 1 food wagon and 14 guards, 4 of which have horses.

Solistitialis 14, 4019

Arrive near the edge of the mountains, set up camp.

A group of mummers arrive in the camp. 3 wagons, 4 adult men, 2 young men, 5 adult women, 3 young women and 4 children.

Mummers matriarch is Buga Peric.

She speaks with Aylurian and invites him to read his fortune.

Alyurian’s question was “Why did you send us into the past?”

Buga tells Aylurian that he is destined to help unite Galideeria and Calvinnia against Gebros.

Alyurian spends time with Mummers.

Comes back to the caravan. Informs the party of what he discovered.

Solstitialis 15, 4019

Arrives in East Guard, listen for rumors.

Solstitialis 17, 4019

Arrives in Twin Docks, listen for rumors.

Solstitialis 18, 4019

As party travels through the ruins of Twin Docks east city, the party is attacked by giant centipedes.

Party is attacked in the ruins by 18 centipedes. Party defeats the centipedes without any casualties.

Travel the rest of the day and camp. Find out what everything is from the centipede nest.

Jeff, Tony, Aram & Chip – 3 Fate points

Of Dreams and Time Travel

Solstitialis 6, 4019

Party wakes up in the inn in East Guard.

Dunren begins to tell the party about his dream. They all realize that they had the same dream.

The party goes to the keep to tell them about the portal to the underworld east of the keep.

Report that there was an army of Kobolds, Goblins and Orcs camped in the underworld just past the enterance.

Ask about any current military actions.

Rejoin Ardain and head toward Vindocladia.

Travel to Vindocladia takes 2 1/2 days.

Jeff, Tony and Aram get 3 fate points, Chip gets 1 fate point.

Gebros the Black

Solstitialis 3, 4019

In the morning the party goes to visit the weasponsmith to find out what he knows about Gebros.

He tells the party that Gebros consumed a demon and shares other information with them about Gebros.

The party heads to the mercenary guild to find out about Orc incursions.

Talks with the mercenary officer who posted the message about how to get into the underground.

They check out a job posting for the haunted forest patrol to the south.

The party returns to Vindocladia with Ardain.

Solstitialis 5, 4019

Party arrives at East Guard.

Eonsven goes up to the underworld dome, then after investigating the portal, enters it. Once in the underworld, he looks around inside the portal room. Finding an exit out of the room, begins check it out.

Dunren comes up to investigate the area around the dome and the nearest statue. Tires to poke the statue, which moves away from his poking attempt.

Eonsven re-enters the portal and returns to the surface. Talks the rest of the party into entering the underworld.

Party starts into the hall that leads away from the portal room. After 90 feet, the hall turns right. After another 60 feet, the hall opens into a much larger area.

Eonsven and Dunrin head around the corner to investigate the larger area.

Alyrion and Toronto move up to the corner.

Dunrin spider climbs to the ceiling and then heads toward the opening.

Alyrian sneaks down the hall toward the opening.

Eonsven walks down the hall.

Toronto stays at the corner.

Dunrin moves down the hall toward the opening, he, Alyrian and Eonsven begin to move down the hall. They see a group of 4 Kobolds cross the opening up ahead.

Dunrin heads back down the hall. Alyrian follows 30 feet behind.

Dunrin uses his clairvoyance and views the enterance chamber to the underworld and sees a large number of humanoid camps.

The party decides to leave the area.

Arrives at East Guard. Gets a room at the inn. Listens to the bard singing at the inn.

They are woken up by a sergeant and told to move out! As they regain their faculties, they realize that they are no longer in the inn.

As they march toward the south, they see that they are in a large army and can see the Titans approaching from further south. Somehow they have been transported back in time or are dreaming about the Battle of the Titans.

Join the battle! Alyrian shoots at an Orc charging to attack.

Toronto casts lightning storm which destroys the Orcs attacking the party.

Toronto casts wall of fire to stop a group of Hobgoblins which are moving to attack the party. Holds off the Hobgoblins, when 4 rounds later, 2 ghosts come through the fire.

The party manages to defeat the ghosts after some fighting.

Party wakes up after the “Dream” and realizes they have the items that they possessed during the “Dream”.

Chip, Jeff, Aram and Tony get 3 fate points.

Here There Be Orcs

Solstitialis 2, 4019

The party noticed that the Orcs stop talking as they close on the Orcs’ camp, it seems obvious to the party that the Orcs have noticed their approach.

The party scatters as the Orcs proceed to shoot arrows at them. Dunren and Aylarion head into buildings with second story windows facing the street. Peep and Ardain charge the Orcs, while Ardain throws a glowing stone into the Orcs camp. Toronto casts a spell while moving to cover of a nearby building.

Eonsven, who had been following the party since they entered the store, sees the start of the combat with the Orcs and charges up from the back to join Peep and Ardain.

After a brutal fight, one of the Orcs flees. The party frees the weaponsmith and welcomes the newest member, Eonsven to the party. They take three of the Orcs prisoner and take them and the weaponsmith back to his shop.

The weaponsmith pays them for the delivery after learning more about the item they delivered to the weaponsmith.

The party makes a deal with the weaponsmith to buy the Orcs equipment. The party interrogates the Orcs and then turns them over to the city guard.

The party purchases equipment from the weaponsmith then discusses what their next action will be.

I'm Gonna Pick A Fight!

Worked on the characters some more, making final adjustments because not everyone could make it for the game and I didn’t really want to continue with the current situation, which was a fight with the Orcs.

We also had a fight so that the players present, Anthony, Aram and Jeff could get a little bit of exposure to the combat system of the game. While no player characters died, these players have gotten a taste of how deadly BRP can be.

Carrying the Wizard's Parcel

Sanguis 29, 4019

The party heads to the mercenary guild, listening for town criers.

The party runs into Ardain Winstoke, an elf from the village of Healers’ Grove.

He offers the party a job from a spell caster in Vindocladia to carry a closed box to Twin Docks.

The party resupplies, purchasing two Mythral shirts, cloak and boots of Elven kind and boots of Elven kind.

Sanguis 30, 4019

Party heads towards Twin Docks in the morning.

They travel along the King’s Road, passing travellers, merchants and a patrol. While travelling they talk with Ardain about his adventures since leaving Healers’ Grove.

Sanguis 31, 4019

The party travels a second day along the King’s Road, again passing travellers, merchants and a patrol.

Solstitialis 1, 4019

The party heads east along the Twin Docks’ Road. They see a structure 100 yards to the north of the road. On the structure stand 4 men on horseback, each facing outward at each compass point. The party continues on toward Twin Docks.

Arrive at Twin Docks at the end of the day and gain entry into the city.

Solstitialis 2, 4019

Go into the weapons store to deliver the box. The owner goes to get the funds, but does not return. The party waits 15 minutes.

They send one of his sons down to find out where he is. The son comes back in a panic, saying that he can’t find his father and there is blood down in the basement.

The party goes down into the basement to investigate, bringing the son with them.

Son tells the party that the money chest is missing from the basement.

The party sees that a wall in the basement has been broken in from the other side, and there is a light trail leading into the hole in the wall.

The party steps through the wall and discovers a tunnel carved into the ground. Following the tunnel, the round a bend and enter a larger chamber with a hole in the ground. A ladder descends into the hole.

The party descends the ladder, which ends in an alley of the previous city.

As they walk along the alley following the blood trail, they hear a ghostly scream. This unnerves a few of the party members.

The party continues to follow the trail, which is heading east. The party begins to move quicker in the hopes of catching up with whoever took the weapon smith.

After 30 minutes of walking, the party has still not caught up with the group they are following.

After 1 hour, the party happens upon an old cemetery. After some hesitation, they cross the cemetery which takes about 10 minutes. Nothing out of the ordinary, except the occasional ghostly scream happens during the crossing.

Around lunch time Dunren hears some Orcs talking up ahead. The party begins to slowly sneak up toward the Orcs.

Tracking the Juntu Barbarians

Sanguis 19, 4019

The party heads back to the tower and starts to follow the trail of the barbarians.

At nightfall, the party sets up camp. Still in the mountains. The night passes uneventually.

Sanguis 20, 4019

Toronto casts Eagle Eye looking for columns of smoke. Sees no extra columns.

Dunren has trouble finding the path, but Aylurian finds the path. Toward night fall, the party leaves the mountains and sees the direction the barbarians have traveled. Finds a 5th camp site of the barbarians.

Camp for the night at the 5th site.

Sanguis 21, 4019

Head to the next camp site. At 6 miles from the last camp site, the party realizes they are being watched.

Dunren and Aylurian see pixies in the trees watching the party.

When the party gets close to the next camp site, they smell smoke and they hear voices. Several deep voices, both male and female can be heard talking to several high voices, both male and female.

The party comes across the site of a battle between Orcs and Pixies against the barbarians at a farm stead. The barbarians attacked the farm, slaughtered the family of Orcs and raised the farm. The Orcs came from other nearby farms, having been called by the Pixies and the two groups defeated the barbarians. Two barbarians, the female leader and a male warrior have been captured by the Orcs and Pixies, the rest are dead.

Aylurian asks the female barbarian, who is their leader. He knocks her down, steps on her shoulder. Peep steps on her ankle.

The party finds out that she is the leader.

Toronto tells her to cooperate with the party. Find out that she was told by her chief to scout the city of Vindocladia. She tells the party they betrayed the Equilus before the Equilus could betray them.

The party travels back to the King’s Road with the corpses. Burn the bodies at the Road, using dead wood.

Toronto casts Flame Strike on the bodies to start the fire. A patrol in the area arrives to investigate the casting of the spell and are dealt with by the sergeant who is with the party.

The party camps at a quie.

Sanguis 22, 4019

The party travels along the King’s Road to the road over the mountains. Spend the night at the town at the road.

Sanguis 23, 4019

Travel over the road to Midguard, arrive by evening.

On arriving at the keep, they are brought to the captain.

Tell the captain that a group of non-humans helped to kill the barbarians. Give her the orders of the barbarians that they recovered from the leader. Let her know that the female barbarian is the leader of the group.

Toronto asks the captain for a military spell casting license. The captain provides him with one.

Sleep at the village.

Sanguis 24, 4019

Hang around the village that day, waiting for word about information that is gotten from the barbarians.

Sanguis 25, 4019

Page retrieves the group around noon. They are taken to the captain’s office.

Captain tells the party what they have found out from the barbarians. The barbarians are working with the southern Calvinnians and the Equilis.

The party asks to have a message sent to their mentor, informing him of their situation.

Dunren receives 252 Guilds for his work with the party.

Aylurian, Toronto and Peep receive 336 Guilds.

Sanguis 28, 4019

Arrive at Vindocladia. Enter the city and begin to explore.

Ask a guard where is a good inn that they can stay at. Told to go to the Old Gate Inn.

At the inn, the party gets the price of a room and decide to get a suite.

Go next door to the Old Gate Tavern. See Hambone in the fighting ring on the second floor after when the hear the commotion above them.

Sanguis 29, 4019

Book the room for the next night.

The party goes to 3 gem merchants to find out what the gems are worth.

Sell the gems for 1900 wages and the clothing for 360 wages.

Return to the Watch Tower

Sanguis 16, 4019

In the evening, the page who originally escorted the party in the keep, escorts them to the keep and into a conference room. They are informed about the information the guard has gotten from the Equilus prisoner.

The party is tasked with closing the portal that the Equilus are using to enter the watch tower and find out what has happened to the rest of the Juntu Barbarians. Dunren Highfern a scout/spy stationed at the keep is assigned to go with them along with a squad of soldiers and a wizard.

They re-outfit themselves from the keep’s stores.

Sanguis 17, 4019

The party heads toward the watch tower. They arrive at the tower with no encounters.

Dunren and Aylurian sneak up to the tower and check it for traps.

The rest of the troop comes up to the tower.

Dunren and Aylurian check the rest of the above ground levels of the tower and find it unoccupied. To the north from the battlements of the tower, they spot two columns of smoke in the distance.

Toronto casts stone shape to open the sealed stairwell, then casts lantern so that there is a light source for the troop.

Traveling down into the lower level of the watch tower, the party finds a barracks which has been partially restored and occupied, a store room with some recently stocked supplies and a guard room.

2 elves are sent north and west from the guard room each and 2 humans are sent to the south.

The troop heads to the west after listening down the north and not hearing anything, leaving 2 humans in the guard room.

Arrive at a t intersection, where the wall on the t side has been broken into from the other side. A recently carved tunnel heads away from the wall.

Follow tunnel to a large cavern and find an entrance to the north and one to the southwest. Check for where the most activity has taken place and find it is to the north entrance.

Troop heads up the north tunnel. 30 paces down the tunnel, everyone hears a deep humming sound. 20 more paces down the tunnel the tunnel splits and heads either east or north.

Troop hears the sound coming from the east tunnel so they head down it. Enter another large cavern where they find a stone block floor covering part of the cavern and in the center of that floor is the portal gate.

Toronto and the wizard check out the gate and figure out that removing the two power stones will deactivate the gate on this side.

The party then decides to communicate the information about the gate back to the keep and let them decide the best way to disassemble the gate.

The troop explores the rest of the lower level of the watch tower, finding the officers’ quarters, another normal barracks, the privy, the kitchen and the mess hall. While searching the officers’ quarters, the party finds loot from the Equilus priest, wizard and warrior captain.

They camp for the night in the tower.

Sanguis 18, 4019

In the morning, they check for smoke from the top of the tower.

Return to the keep by nightfall.

Sanguis 19, 4019

They are once again taken before the captain of the guard where they report their findings.

The captain tasks the party with searching for the Juntu Barbarians.

The party sees that some new merchants have come over the mountains and are in the village, so they question them to any odd occurrence. The merchants tell the party that where the party saw the smoke, the merchants know of no settlements in that area.


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