Champions of Erth

Tracking the Juntu Barbarians

Sanguis 19, 4019

The party heads back to the tower and starts to follow the trail of the barbarians.

At nightfall, the party sets up camp. Still in the mountains. The night passes uneventually.

Sanguis 20, 4019

Toronto casts Eagle Eye looking for columns of smoke. Sees no extra columns.

Dunren has trouble finding the path, but Aylurian finds the path. Toward night fall, the party leaves the mountains and sees the direction the barbarians have traveled. Finds a 5th camp site of the barbarians.

Camp for the night at the 5th site.

Sanguis 21, 4019

Head to the next camp site. At 6 miles from the last camp site, the party realizes they are being watched.

Dunren and Aylurian see pixies in the trees watching the party.

When the party gets close to the next camp site, they smell smoke and they hear voices. Several deep voices, both male and female can be heard talking to several high voices, both male and female.

The party comes across the site of a battle between Orcs and Pixies against the barbarians at a farm stead. The barbarians attacked the farm, slaughtered the family of Orcs and raised the farm. The Orcs came from other nearby farms, having been called by the Pixies and the two groups defeated the barbarians. Two barbarians, the female leader and a male warrior have been captured by the Orcs and Pixies, the rest are dead.

Aylurian asks the female barbarian, who is their leader. He knocks her down, steps on her shoulder. Peep steps on her ankle.

The party finds out that she is the leader.

Toronto tells her to cooperate with the party. Find out that she was told by her chief to scout the city of Vindocladia. She tells the party they betrayed the Equilus before the Equilus could betray them.

The party travels back to the King’s Road with the corpses. Burn the bodies at the Road, using dead wood.

Toronto casts Flame Strike on the bodies to start the fire. A patrol in the area arrives to investigate the casting of the spell and are dealt with by the sergeant who is with the party.

The party camps at a quie.

Sanguis 22, 4019

The party travels along the King’s Road to the road over the mountains. Spend the night at the town at the road.

Sanguis 23, 4019

Travel over the road to Midguard, arrive by evening.

On arriving at the keep, they are brought to the captain.

Tell the captain that a group of non-humans helped to kill the barbarians. Give her the orders of the barbarians that they recovered from the leader. Let her know that the female barbarian is the leader of the group.

Toronto asks the captain for a military spell casting license. The captain provides him with one.

Sleep at the village.

Sanguis 24, 4019

Hang around the village that day, waiting for word about information that is gotten from the barbarians.

Sanguis 25, 4019

Page retrieves the group around noon. They are taken to the captain’s office.

Captain tells the party what they have found out from the barbarians. The barbarians are working with the southern Calvinnians and the Equilis.

The party asks to have a message sent to their mentor, informing him of their situation.

Dunren receives 252 Guilds for his work with the party.

Aylurian, Toronto and Peep receive 336 Guilds.

Sanguis 28, 4019

Arrive at Vindocladia. Enter the city and begin to explore.

Ask a guard where is a good inn that they can stay at. Told to go to the Old Gate Inn.

At the inn, the party gets the price of a room and decide to get a suite.

Go next door to the Old Gate Tavern. See Hambone in the fighting ring on the second floor after when the hear the commotion above them.

Sanguis 29, 4019

Book the room for the next night.

The party goes to 3 gem merchants to find out what the gems are worth.

Sell the gems for 1900 wages and the clothing for 360 wages.



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