Champions of Erth

In Bahr El Ghazal

Stay at a bed and breakfast for the night.

Solstitialis 22, 4019

Offered a job for 4000 wages for 20 days work on guarding a dig site.

Group buys rations for 30 days per person.

Buys the appropriate clothing.

Taris Birakir comes to the group and offers them a job. He has an apprentice Salah that is missing and wants the group to find him.

Menma Hetdet-Tahkhem will meet the group at the Royal Crocodile in a private room.

The party accepts the job for the guard the dig site.

Toronto & Alyrian go to Salah’s house.

Eosven & Dunren check out the Golden Egret, a tavern that Salah frequented.

Toronto & Alyrian search for a piece of hair and Alyrian uses it to scry on Salah. Toronto finds Salah and sees where he is at. Toronto message Salah and finds out who kidnapped him.

Toronto and Alyrian head to the Golden Egret.

Eosven and Dunren asks the bartender to talk to the owner. Owner doesn’t want to talk with them. Bartender talks to them and they find out about Salah.

Party gets information on the strength of the merchant who has taken the apprentice.

Party heads to the merchant’s shop and talk to him about the kidnapping. They let him know where his apprentice is for 2000 wages.

Solstitialist 23, 4019

Travel to the dig site. At camp that night, Dunren takes first watch, Eosven takes second and Alyrian takes third.

During Dunren’s watch a commotion starts on the other side of the camp. After 5 minutes screams come from the other side of the camp.

Alyrian wakes at the sound of the screams. Some one shouts bring fire. Dunren wakes Eosven, Alyrian wakes Toronto.

One of the guards has been attacked by a army ants and has sustained heavy damage.

Dunren finds a barrel of oil and spreads it and then lights the oil.

Toronto casts Flaming Sphere to kill the ants.

Solstitialis 24, 4019

Travel the next day with no incidents.

Solstitialis 25, 4019

Eosven and Alyrian use the spell Keep Watch cast on Eosven to keep watch for the night.

Eosven sees a group of figures approaching the camp and wakes the rest of the party and the guards.

Alyrian shoots 3 skeletons for little damage and Dunren shoots 1 and does no damage.

Toronto casts daylight.

Alyrian takes out 2 skeletons.

Toronto destroys the leg of 1.

Alyrian shoots 3 and damages 1.

Eosven closes with 1, shield bashes it and knocks it down.

Dunren hacks at the one that Toronto attacked.

Toronto hacks the skeleton in the abdomen.

Skeleton hits Eosven damages his shield.

Alyrian shoots 3 arrows at the 3 skeletons on Eosven, 1 hit in the left arm, 1 hit in the head drops.

Eosven hits 1 skeleton and it shatters.

Dunren hits the 1 on the ground and destroys its head.

Toronto moves back in a defensive position.

2 skeletons attack Eosven and he manages to parry both attacks.

Alyrian shoots at the two on Eosven and 1 on Dunren. Does no damage.

Toronto tries to hit the one on Dunren and hits it in the head.

Eosven knocks down the skeletons.

The two skeletons misses Eosven.

Toronto misses the skeleton.

Eosven knocks downt the skeleton.

Alyrian shoots the same skeleton and does no damage.

Dunren hits the skeleton on the ground in the head.

Skeleton hits Eosven but he parries.

Toronto hits the last skeleton.

Alyrian shoots the last skeleton and knocks it down.

Alyrian and Dunren follow the tracks. After following the tracks from the skeleton for an hour, they return to the camp.

Solistitialis 26, 4019

Arrive at the dig site location.

Set up camp.

Aram, Chip, Jeff and Tony – 3 fate points



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